2CV World Meeting in the Netherlands in 2027

It has been almost 30 years since ‘Eendendam 1997’. It is time to bring the 2CV World Meeting back to the Netherlands.

An initial group of volunteers has been formed to search for an event area. We think we have found the perfect venue for the World Meeting of 2CV Friends in 2027! Other teams have been put into operation to set up promotion, communication and more.

At the World Meeting of 2CV Friends in Switserland we want to put ourselves forward as a candidate to host the World Meeting in 2027. We hope the international 2CV community is looking forward with us to welcome the 2027 edition to the Netherlands!


Promoting the World Meeting

This year you can find us at all kinds of meetings to promote our candidacy to host the world meeting in 2027. We will also attend the World Meeting in Switserland this summer.

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